University Art Collection Committee Adopts 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

The University Art Collection Strategic Plan (2019-2024)


The University Art Collection's mission is to use art to educate, inspire, foster creative thinking and promote the advancement of social and cultural leadership.


The University Art Collection envisions a future where the collection will continue to contribute to the quality of campus life and remain a source for cross-disciplinary research, teaching and experiential learning.

Through a strategic approach to acquisitions, exhibitions, preservation and care of the collection the University Art Collection will become a beacon for regional art and will secure the legacy of Wayne State University as a center for arts in Detroit.

Goal #1


Alinement with University Goals of Student Success, TEACHING Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion
and community engagement

  1. Use the collection to support student learning across disciplines and to support teach critical thinking research skills.
  2. Implement Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Program.
  3. Develop internship opportunities for archival information, arts management, art and art history students to teach professional skills related to presentation, care and documentation of the collection.
  4. Strengthen relevance of collection through innovative exhibitions and programming, using the collection as a conduit to connect art with the lives and interest of our diverse public.
    1. Establish a student advisory council to engage students to understand their interests and needs; and to train them to be future leaders.
    2. Create student curatorial program focused on providing minority student opportunities to learn the skills of planning, preparing and mounting an exhibition.
    3. Develop community advisory committee, focusing on under-represented populations in the UAC collection.

5. Through broad and engaging programming, create an environment for dynamic art experiences.

6. Develop innovative approaches to dissemination information about the collection through use of technology by creating online collection and mobile app.

7. Develop greater local and national presence in Academic Collections Communities.

Goal #2

Collection Stewardship

Alignment with university Goals Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Sustainability and operational excellence


  1. Implementation of long-range preservation plan established from CAPS (Collections Assessment for Preservation) assessment.
  2. Develop Financial Plan to assist in collections stewardship (presentation, storage, conservation, framing, etc.)
  3. Apply Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG) standards of collection care.
  4. Continue to build world-class collection through gifts of art and strategic acquisitions to support critical thinking and to meet diverse cultural needs of WSU community.
  5. Explore a percent for art acquisition policy for all new building projects.
  6. Adopt a collections disaster management plan.
  7. Implement deaccession recommendation plan for works that do not fit into overall scope of an academic collection.

Goal #3


Alignment with university Research Goals


1. Develop inter-college research projects using the collection as a tool to determine impact art on student health and well-being; to determine impact on their feelings of inclusion and belonging (potential colleges: College of Education (Health Education), College of Liberal Arts, School of Medicine and School of Social Work. Research question: Can public art promote public health?).

2. Update Website and Create online web access to collection.

  • A. Develop interpretive materials for online research.
  • Goal #4

    Financial Stability and operational Excellence

    Alignment with university goals Financial Sustainability and operational excellence


    1. Identify funding sources to support ongoing innovative programming and collection stewardship plans.
    2. Secure funding to build relationships with campus and community partners.
    3. Streamline processes to optimize allocated funds.

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