Eight Mile by Lowell Boileau

February 7, 2024

Eight Mile by Lowell Boileau

Eight Mile by Lowell Bioleau is a captivating painting that seems ceaseless and elicits a sense of curiosity—the dark blue sky with hints of color brightened by the shiny surface of vehicles. The juxtaposition of the red, blue, and yellow hues against the darker shades creates vibrancy and rhythm. The compositional use of repeating vehicles draws you into the painting. The echoing of cars under a fading sunset reveals the glimmer of metal reflecting against each other. The pavement appears wet as the ground mimics the same shine and reflection of the cars. The vehicles are at a standstill, and traffic seems infinite. The metal heaps of cars feature a strong use of geometric shapes and contrasting colors. The sharp lines and sleek feel give this painting a sense of modernity. This painting is a perfect example of the use of vitality on an urban landscape through a more contemporary lens.

While many visitors of the city don’t view Detroit as “ideal”, artist Lowell Boileau infuses his love and passion for it into a unique charm. The title “Eight Mile” reminds viewers of the unrealistic stereotype the city is pinned with. Boileau transforms that false cliche into something beautiful and idealizes the city. Lowell proves that Detroit can be just as beautiful as any famous painting, let alone any city. The city has always been supportive of visual artists, and in turn, those same artists support the city.

Lowell Boileau is a Michigan native who received his BA in Political Science from Taylor University. He went on to continue his postgraduate studies at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan before pursuing an artistic career full-time. Lowell is an active part of the art community today and has had studios out of Highland Park and Farmington, Michigan.

Written by Colleen Sikorski

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