John Parker GlickUntitled, 1982. Glazed stoneware. 

Having first found a passion for ceramics in high school, John Parker Glick pursued his interest in college, receiving a BFA from Wayne State and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Since higher education and beyond, Glick perceived pottery in a dynamic, harmonious lense that encouraged him to turn sharply from the regular. He had never limited his ceramics to the simplistic quality of functionality. Other than quotidien objects– pots, plates, teapots– he created extraordinary works of art that proved his excellence in contemporary pottery. His work ethic in the studio prioritized his core values, those that sought to constantly experiment with and explore his medium, as well as suggest a sort of harmony between maker and his/her community. This untitled glazed stoneware work was created in conjunction with an Arts Achievement Award he received, and is exemplary of his ever-divergent practice. The shape and pattern are indebted to an eloquent play with form, and the texture even more so characterizes the work as all but mundane. Here, his interest in the exploration of surface is manifested. Glick more likely than not used his technique of mingling translucent and opaque glazes to contribute to the vitality of the stoneware.

Written by Danielle Cervera Bidigare